Chairman's Message

19 Jun 2020

Let me begin by congratulating you all on your achievements and successes this year. My special thanks for all the ways you continue to support BDF.

Bangladesh Doctors’ Foundation (BDF) was found in 20th June 2019. BDF began as an online group to now a real largest volunteer health organization. We are building a better workplace for doctors and healthier future for people. 

Our main areas of work are physician safety in workplace, health system reform and patient rights. 

As physicians, we must continue to play our role in advocating for the right to health for the communities we serve and especially the most disadvantaged. Regardless where we live, there are those among us who do not have access to quality health and health care. We have a responsibility to play the advocacy roles required to ensure that our health systems are strengthened enough to achieve universal health coverage. An important area for advocacy is the conditions under which people are born, grow up, live and work also known as the Social Determinants of Health.

BDF will continue to play its role of advocating for the right of physicians to exercise their professional autonomy and the right to provide the quality of health care that their patients and communities require.

As Chairman of BDF, I wish that our website can deliver the most updated information for our members and other BDF enthusiast and also be an effective health platform for the people of Bangladesh. 

I wish you and your families an enjoyable days ahead with good health and success.

Best wishes.

Dr Md Shahed Rafi Pavel


Bangladesh Doctors’ Foundation

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