Bangladesh Reports 105 Doctors’ death in battle against Covid-19

10 Nov 2021

Bangladesh reports 105 doctors’ death in battle against Covid-19

A total of 105 doctors have died so far while rendering service as frontline warriors in the battle against novel coronavirus in the country.

Of them, 94 physicians were confirmed to have died of Covid-19 while 11 died with symptoms, according to an association of doctors that works for the rights of doctors in Bangladesh.

Nearly 7,500 health workers, including 2500 doctors, have tested positive for coronavirus across the country since the first Covid-19 case was detected on March 8.

The doctors' association thinks that infections among doctors could have been controlled if the authorities gave heed to the plight of doctors working in the dedicated Covid-19 hospitals.

Shahed Rafi Pavel, head of the Bangladesh Doctors' Foundation (BDF), an association of doctors, told the FE that infections and deaths from the virus could be reduced by taking immediate measures in the primary stage.

However, the situations are improving but the infections have started spreading outside Dhaka, he added.

Besides, residential facilities (hotels) for the doctors working at the dedicated healthcare facilities are needed on health grounds, otherwise family members of the front-liners could be infected, he added.

The Bangladesh Medical Association (BMA), the apex body of doctors in the country, however, said at least 77 physicians have died of Covid-19 as of August 10.

Besides, at total of 7,442 health workers, including 2,542 physicians, 1,860 nurses and 3,040 other health staffers, have been infected with the coronavirus as of August 10, read a BMA statement in this regard.

BMA Secretary General Md. Ehteshamul Huq Choudhury, while talking to the FE earlier, said that there were some limitations but the situation is improving as measures have been taken by the government.

He emphasised necessary training and ensuring safety of health workers during their duties.

Aysha Akhtar, an assistant director at Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS), told FE that the government continues to monitor and is taking necessary measures as demanded to ensure safety of doctors and other health workers.

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